Tree Services - Felling, Cutting & Removal

Extreme weather in Northern Maine can mean disaster for trees around your home and property. Old, dead and decaying trees can be a hazard to your property and your loved ones. Get them cut down, sawed up, removed and hauled off by our carefully trained Tree Experts.

Overgrown trees that encroach on your home or business can mean bad news for your biggest investment. From growing root zones that can damage your foundation to growing limbs and co-dominant branches that can knock down your gutters, fences or worse.

Tree trunks that have succumb to hollow heart or have been attacked by beetles and worms can mean disaster for your property. Trees are HEAVY and certainly nothing to mess around with on your own.

Many trees that are closer to buildings, garages and power lines or other utilities like water and sewer lines, require an extra level of precision and expertise. These trickier trees will often need to be climbed and tied off to other trees or structures for leverage and safety.

Our State of Maine Certified Arborist is fully licensed, highly trained, and ready to tackle Flat Fee's toughest tree jobs. His flawless track record speaks for itself!

Our team of Tree Pros will get those nuisance trees, overhanging limbs, branches and all the associated mess that goes along with tree services cleaned up and hauled away at a great price. Let Flat Fee flatten those trees!

Branches and limbs, tree leaves and pine needles, sticks and trunks. We will saw, chop, cut, load and haul the pieces away to their final destination, quickly and efficiently.

Cleanup of the worksite is included. We can even grind the tree stump down for you.

Pricing starts at $250
Size & Location Dependent

Serving the cities of Caribou, Presque Isle, Fort Fairfield, Limestone, Woodland, Washburn, Easton, New Sweden,
Mars Hill, Mapleton, Crouseville, Perham, Connor and Wade

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