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Bush Hogging Tractor Setup

Bush Hogging, Brush Cutting
& Vegetation 

Clean up those overgrown places of your property and start fresh again! From areas on your land that have grown in over time, to the vines and dogwood encroaching on the back of your home or business. Gain another patch of lawn you never knew you had.

Our die-hard Flat Fee Vegetation Ninjas will beat back the brush and overgrowth around your home, office or business. We will tackle your areas of concern fully equipped, with all the tools necessary to reclaim your space safely and efficiently.

Our Heavy Duty Rotary Cutter (aka Bush Hog) has the power and durability to completely and thoroughly level significant swaths of the least maintained and overgrown areas of your property. Any vegetation, saplings and trees up to 3 inches in diameter are fair game for this monster brush mower.

The notorious Red Dogwood, famous in Maine for being annoyingly invasive and hard to remove, does not stand a chance against the forces of the Flat Fee Mow Pros. We can put a stop to its encroaching of your free spaces and keep it from advancing further in the future.

When the Northern Maine woods push in on your space, Flat Fee will push back on mother nature and keep her from reclaiming your neck of the woods.

From the undergrowth to the overgrowth and everything plant in between! We will saw, chop, hack, cut, slash, burn and sickle in order clear out your yards tough terrain.

Pricing starts at $150 per Acre
Size & Location Dependent

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