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Caribou Lawn Mower Stripes

Lawn & Turf Grass Fertilizer

Green up your grass throughout the growing season with our top-quality fertilizer treatments.

Grow your lawn and turf grass like the pros. Our regimen of 3 strategically timed fertilizer treatments throughout the growing season is guaranteed to make your lawn stand out in a crowd.

This service will get your lawn in prime condition for the summer mowing season. The extra green will make those mower stripes pop and add amazing visual appeal to your home or business.

Our lawn treatments will assure green vigorous growth of your lawn and turf grass from the time the snow melts until it flies again.

The Lawn Doctors at Flat Fee HQ have formulated and tested a proprietary regimen of fertilizers that are perfectly suited for our Northern climate and lawns throughout Aroostook County.

But keep that our little secret.;) Put that precious Nitrogen back in your topsoil.

$50 per 5,000 sq. ft.

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