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Pressure Washer Spray Caribou Presque Isle

Power & Pressure Washing
House, Business & Garage Washing

Mud season in Aroostook is the dirtiest time of year! Northern Maine winters are brutally harsh on your outdoor belongings and property.
Over time, road dust and buildup can cause damage to your beautiful Vinyl Siding. Mud from the Spring thaw can settle in your driveway and be an eyesore all year long.

Bring back the spark and appeal to your Business, Home, Garage and Driveway with the life-giving power of Water. Flat Fee's 4400 PSI  pressure washer is adjustable and can safely and efficiently clean almost any surface you can imagine. The Pressure Washing Pros at Flat Fee have the tools, equipment and chemicals to get the job done right! 

We offer cleaning for a wide variety of surfaces. From the Vinyl Siding on your house, Asphalt and Concrete driveways to Decks, Fences, Patios and Porches. Great for restoring old and aged wood surfaces. We can also strip peeling paint and finish so you can start fresh!

Excellent results on Concrete, Brick and Rock! Hardscapes, Walls, Walkways, Pavement and Landscaped Beds. Let Flat Fee blast off the years of buildup and weathering caused by the Maine outdoor elements.

Great for washing clean, any type of Vehicle including (but not limited to): Cars, Trucks, Buses, Motorcycles, Motorhomes and RVs, Semis and Tractor Trailers, Boats, Jet Skis, Submarines, Airplanes, Trains, Helicopters, Tractors, Construction Equipment, ATVs, UTVs, 4-Wheelers, Side-by-Sides and Powersports Toys.

Whether the scope of work is Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Restaurant, Food Establishment or Outdoor Venue we have the power to blast away the Dirt, Mud, Grease, Grime, Rust, Algae, Spores & Mold off the surfaces of your stuff!


$0.20 per
sq. ft.


$0.30 per
sq. ft.


$0.40 per
sq. ft.

Big Kahuna

Starting at

"Big Kahuna Package"
It's like a Tsunami for your property.
Pressure Washing of every possible exterior surface of your Home or Business!

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