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Caribou Lawn Mower Stripes

Weekly Lawn Care & Maintenance
Lawn Mowing / Grass Cutting

Get the Best Cut on the block without all the hard work. Our professional team will Mow all grass and turf areas, Trim (Weed Whack) all the edges and borders and Blow all paved (asphalt and concrete) and hardscape areas of your property to perfection. Additionally, we go the extra mile and Edge paved driveways bi-weekly to give your cars home that extra sharp look.

Our expanding grass mowing fleet utilizes the latest innovative cutting edge technology in the lawn care industry.  Our Zero-Turn Mowers are equipped with state-of-the-art mowing decks, to keep those grass and lawn clippings where they belong and eliminate the hazards inherent with more inferior mowing decks that most modern mowers are equipped with.

The Mow Pros at Flat Fee will treat your Home or Business with the utmost care from week to week, making your yard, lawn and entire property look fabulous from Spring, throughout Summer and well into the Fall.

The lawns in Aroostook County are tough and with the shorter growing season, the grass really takes off growing in the Spring. We use Ripper mulching blades by Ballard to really grind and chop up those grass and lawn clippings, small sticks, leftover leaves, and pine cones so that they decompose more quickly and assimilate back into your beautiful turf grass.

For this Summer Mowing Season, we will be equipped with Ballard's Gold Hybrid mower blades to mow our weekly lawns in order to make the grass look even more amazing then they did last year! These new hybrid mower blades are at the cutting edge of lawn mowing technology. They are a cross between Ripper mulching blades and Hi-Rise high lift blades. They generate more upward suction inside the mower deck in order to make the grass stand up before it is cut, while at the same time grinding the grass clippings into a fine mulch that easily dissipates back into your lawn and aiding in the decomposition process while effectively feeding your lawn in the process. The result is beautifully and professionally striped grass and a lawn that stands out from the rest and always look amazing!

In the autumn, it's back to the Ripper lawn mowing blades for Fall Cleanup time. Once again, the mulching mower blades work to grind down old grass clippings, leaves, sticks, pine cones and other green debris to a fine mulch. This leaf mulch can then be hauled away or used for compost.

Give your grass and lawn the Best care it can get and call Flat Fee to get on the Mow List early. Excellent rates based on property size. Residential or Commercial. No Lawn too Big or Small!!!

Up to .5 Acre



.5-.75 Acre


.75-1 Acre


3+ Acres

$60 per Acre

Full Service Mowing Terms & Conditions

Flat Fee is the premier Lawn Care Service in Aroostook County and Northern Maine. All of our customers' grass, turf, lawn and yard is a direct representation of our business and a reflection of our quality workmanship.


We will not sacrifice the quality of our lawns under any circumstance. Our way of doing things is what has brought us to where we are today. Our highly-trained operators get lawns of many different types looking their best and our goal is to do the same for you.


Our Lawn Pros cut many different properties every day and know what it takes to get your lawn looking like one that you see on our website. We will NOT cut corners, skip without justifiable cause or allow our customers to perform any service that comes as part of our regular seasonal services. ie: you cannot weed-whack your own property to save money. Schedules never line up and quality would suffer as a result.


The Summer Mowing Season at Flat Fee generally lasts for 23-25 weeks depending on weather conditions. This generally runs from the first or second week of May until the end of October.


You should expect Weekly Lawn Care Service each week during the Mow Season. While we try our hardest to mow your lawn on the same day each week, weather conditions often make it impossible to cut your grass on the scheduled day. As a result, we may mow your grass a day or two before or after your regularly scheduled day. As a general rule, if the rain puts us behind schedule we will always pick up the schedule where we left off before the inclement weather. We will not skip your mow that week unless you receive a call from the office or your Lawn Pro.


If you cancel your Lawn Service before the end of mowing season you will NOT be eligible for the Year Round Customer discount.


There is NO Bi-Weekly Mowing until after September 15th. Lawns will then be evaluated on a case-by-case basis at the beginning of September and put on bi-weekly mowing at the discretion of the Flat Fee Lawn Pros who regularly service your yard and grass. If you are switched out to a bi-weekly mow schedule, you will still be billed at the regular weekly rate.


Obstacles and hazards: The Flat Fee Lawn Pros face numerous obstacles and dangerous hazards on our customers lawns. It is your responsibility as a customer to keep your yard and mowed grass in an orderly fashion around your scheduled mow day. While our Lawn Pros always take great care to avoid such hazards, either by mowing around or picking them up, it is always a possibility that one slips by our watch. We will not be responsible for any hoses, exposed irrigation, electrical cords, toys, pet items, vinyl siding in disrepair or improperly built landscape features.

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