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Caribou Roof Ice Dam Before 2

Roof Snow Removal, Roof Shoveling

Curl up next to the fire this winter and stay out of the snowstorms. Let the men at Flat Fee make quick work of your snowy winter roof.


Stop struggling for days and weeks trying to shovel all that snow off the roof of your home. Only to have to continue shoveling your garage, or all the snow that landed on your porch or patio for a second time.

Snow Removal from rooftops in Aroostook County is a dangerous and challenging job that is better left up to the professionals. One wrong move on your icy roof could spell disaster and leave you with a bad injury or worse.

Let our highly trained Roof Snow Pros remove that snow safely and efficiently with much less risk to your health and home. When situations require an extra measure of safety our Pros will take the time to shovel your roof safely without damaging your property.

Our goal in the snowy winter months is to be able to respond to snowy roofs within 24 hours of approval, unless a snow storm event prevails.

Roof Snow Shoveling Terms & Conditions


Roof Snow Removal & Roof Shoveling pricing is unique to each job and based on several varying factors. The estimate originally given could be higher depending on snow conditions once our Pros are actually on the roof.

Keep in mind that when you see 12 inches of snow and ice piled up on the eves of your roof, it generally means that the peak is anywhere from knee to waist deep. Roof snow load on-site will ultimately decide pricing.


While we always strive to keep the originally agreed on price, we do run into unforeseen things on roofs that could merit a higher cost. If a situation like this arises, you will be notified before proceeding beyond the originally estimated price.

Our Pros are trained in proper roof shoveling techniques and take extreme caution not to damage anything, although that risk is always a reality when shoveling roofs. We will take extra care and attentiveness not to cover essential fixtures such as dryer vents, windows, doors, AC and heat pump units, electrical boxes, etc.

While we always perform a walk around to identify such hazards, there is a possibility that one gets overlooked. It is your responsibility as a customer to notify us of any such concerns before we start shoveling your roof. If it does get overlooked and covered, we can also clear that out for an extra fee.

Cleanup of the snow that comes off your roof is NOT included in your original quote unless requested prior. We will however, clear away any snow that piles in front of garage doors or main entryways as a result of our work.

Flat Fee is not responsible for damages caused to items left in the yard that get buried in snow or damaged. In particular, toys and lawn furniture.

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