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Winter Storm Snow Plow Truck Fleet

Snow Plowing Service & Snow Removal

Flat Fee is the Snow Plowing & Snow Removal company for those who life doesn't stop for snow storms or adverse winter weather conditions. We will keep the snow plow trucks and tractors running in order to keep you coming and going in the worst of Northern Maine's winter weather! Blizzards are just another day in the life for our Flat Fee Snow Plow Pros.

Don't let the short, snowy days of Winter keep you from getting out for a drive while it's still daylight. 

Flat Fee's Blizzard Rescue Squad will stack those snow banks high to prepare for Winters with above average snow fall totals. Our crew, equipped with Chevy Silverado's and Made in Maine Fisher plows are light and gentle on your Lawn, Turf and Driveways when making room for all the snow.

Residential Driveways to Commercial Parking Lots. We have the gear to get it clear! Emergency Service Available for winter curveballs: Jump Starts, Battery Service, 

Snow Shoveling or Snow Blowing service as well as Salting and Ice Remediation can be added for a nominal charge and is generally undertaken after the snow has stopped falling.

Small Drive



Medium Drive



Large Drive



X-Large Drive



Full Service Plowing Terms & Conditions
All driveways are quoted according to size. Our minimum price for Snow Plowing is $5
0. We bill on a “Per-Snow Storm Event” basis and you are invoiced for each Snow Storm Event at a Flat Fee. A Snow Storm Event covers a 24-hour period once the storm starts, even if the snow stops and starts again.
We will plow your driveway 1 or 2 times in the first-24 hour period of the snow storm (starting at 3 inches) depending on the weather, snow fall rate and snowy or dangerous road conditions in order to keep you coming and going all storm long. Then, we make a return visit post-snow storm to clean everything up nice. All 2 or 3 trips are covered by the one Flat Fee.

Snow Shoveling to the front door is $10-20 extra. Shoveling in front of garage doors is included with the driveway. Shoveling of decks, porches, patios or walkways is a separate service.
Flat Fee will start the Snow Plow List route when a snow storm accumulates 3 inches. We will Snow Plow your driveway once or twice during the first 24-hours of each snow event, depending on the weather and road travel conditions. We will return once for post-storm cleanup when the crew gets some rest and after the weather and snow has settled.
If there is less than 3 inches of snow and you still want plow service, you must CALL the office to get on the Any Amount List. If there is 3 or more inches and you have made other arrangements to remove your snow for that storm event, you must call the office BEFORE we make the first visit.
Safety is a top priority at Flat Fee and under no circumstance will we knowingly place our employees in dangerous situations or ask them to do tasks that they do not feel can be performed in a safe manner. Safety issues and concerns are at the sole discretion and professional judgment of Flat Fee employees.
If you are scheduled for Snow Shoveling or Ice Remediation & Salting service, it will generally be completed post-storm unless an emergency condition arises. Our priority during storms is keeping driveways clear and making sure our people can get in and out of their homes and businesses despite snowy conditions.
Flat Fee will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any injury resulting from a slip, trip, fall or any other dangerous situation that may arise with inclement winter weather or the numerous hazards that snow season presents in Aroostook County or elsewhere. As always, Watch Your Step!
 of our customers are doctors, nurses, teachers, or first responders and everyone works in the daytime. Flat Fee makes no guarantee as to the time you will be plowed out each storm. We have a set route for our operators and they are given different entry points each Storm Event in order to keep it fair for everyone on the Plow List. If you have an appointment or important event, let us know in advance of the snow storm with a phone call to the office and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
Automatic Billing is required to be officially added to the Snow Plow List. It is the responsibility of the customer to keep an active card on file with funds to cover all services rendered on your property by Flat Fee at the time of service. No exceptions will be made. If your payment is declined, you will receive notice via an unpaid invoice in the email you provided, along with a link to update your payment. Any unpaid invoices will incur a standard late fee 10% of the invoice total after every 14 days of non-payment. You will be removed from the official Plow List until payment is updated, unless prior arrangements are agreed upon by contacting the office.
Flat Fee is NOT responsible for damage to any object, obstacle or hazards on the ground. It is the responsibility of the customer before the plow season starts, to make Flat Fee aware of all obstacles and hazards and have them properly marked out before the snow flies. Flat Fee will accept no responsibility for damages to surfaces being plowed. Older and aging asphalt more than 5 years old and plow surfaces that are cracked, contain frost heaves or are in a state of disrepair have a much higher likelihood of being damaged by snow removal activities and plow equipment. Wear and tear on plow surfaces is normal and should be expected.

Plowing snow in Aroostook County is an unpredictable endeavor and being such, Flat Fee cannot make any reasonable guarantees when it comes to timeliness. A small breakdown during a heavy snow storm can quickly become a big problem. If we cannot make it to you we will call and let you know. If you have not heard from us, rest assured we are still on the way.
Snow Plowing & Snow Removal in Aroostook County presents challenges that are unique to our area and different from anywhere else on Earth. Snow Services are an unpredictable and dangerous business with varying conditions and factors throughout the Winter Snow Plowing Season. While we always strive to do everything within our power to stay on schedule, there is always a possibility that the storm gets the upper hand and causes us to be unusually late.
As a Flat Fee customer, you agree and understand that our employees' life, safety and general welfare is generally more important than being able to get out of your driveway.

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