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Presque Isle Caribou Fall Leaf Cleanup

Fall & Spring Yard Cleanup & Leaf Removal

Get the branches, sticks, leaves, lawn debris and seasonal trash off your beautiful lawn. We will remove or relocate all your autumn leaves, lawn trash, rubbish and seasonal debris on your property.

Spring is here in Aroostook County and our spectacular yet short Summer Mowing season is on the horizon. While regular Weekly Lawn Care & Maintenance keeps your lawn and yard looking beautiful all summer, it's the Spring Yard Cleanup that prepares your whole property for the coming Grass Mowing season.

There are many benefits to getting your home or business a Spring or Fall Yard Cleanup. Our Echo leaf blowers scrub your grass and turf and get rid of the duff, dead grass and chaff from the previous Fall.


With a clean slate on the grassy turf, the leaf blower action aerates the surface of your lawn and activates the growing cycle early. This ensures that your grass has ample opportunity fill in any bare spots or recover from damage caused by the winter Snow Plowing season.

If you skipped out on a Fall Yard Cleanup last autumn, Flat Fee will always recommend a Spring Yard Cleanup before the Summer Mowing season. Not only is it the best lawn service option for the health and growth of your grass and turf, but it is the best way to ensure a smooth transition into the Summer Lawn and Grass Mowing season.

Our Flat Fee Pros will leaf blow and rake your yard, grass, lawn, turf, landscaped beds driveway and paved or hardscape areas. Service of your flower beds includes cutbacks of seasonal perennials and tall grasses.

Get your home or business ready for Greatness this Summer!

Pricing starts at $300

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