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Our Year-Round Property Services
(Residential & Commercial)

We offer a complete lineup of Property Services designed to keep your home or business in peak form and looking fabulous all year round.  Our experienced Property Care Pros will have your backyard, front yard and everything in between looking better than you ever imagined it could!

Snowy Trees Presque Isle

Long Northern Maine winters are a hallmark of living in the County!

Stay out of the cold and let us do the heavy lifting. We will make sure you can come and go during Winter storm events.

Driveways & Walkways, Parking Lots & Sidewalks, Decks & Patios. Plowing & Shoveling.

1/2-Ton Chevy Truck equipped with Fisher EZ-V plow is light and gentle on your driveway and lawn.

Beautiful Yard & Trees

Roughly 26 weeks of Lawn Care in the Northern Maine season. Make sure you have your yard looking it's best for all of them.

We will Mow, Trim and Blow all turf areas of your property and have them looking fabulous in no time.

Our new 2021 John Deere Z950R Z-Trak Zero-Turn Mower with Rear Discharge deck will have your lawn in top form. Our Rear Discharge mower deck protects your property from mowing hazards and keeps clippings where they belong.

ECHO Timberwolf Presque Isle Caribou Washburn

Summer and Winter storms can mean bad news for all types of trees on your property. Flat Fee will chop it down, cut it up and haul your trees away in a hurry.

When the sky divides and the winds blow high in Aroostook County, seemingly healthy trees can wind up on your property, the ground or even your home and business. Falling trees usually result in damage to anything that surrounds it. Tree removal is generally cheaper than the resulting damage from diseased, decaying or dead trees falling on their own.


Flat Fee has the proper tree climbing and rigging gear to get your tree job done safely, efficiently and without further collateral damage to your most prized possessions, your home and family.

ECHO PB-770H Leaf Blower & CS-590 TimberwolfChainsaw_edited.jpg

Get the dead and decomposing leaves gone off your lawn in the Spring and ready for greatness in the Summer! Or save with our amazing Fall Yard Cleanup & Leaf Removal and skip the hassle of Spring Cleanup.

Removal & Disposal of fallen leaves, branches, sticks, trash and seasonal debris from the lawn and landscape beds on your property.

Complete and through Leaf Blowing of every exterior inch of your property. We even make a return trip before Thanksgiving.

Pressure Washer Spray Caribou Presque Isle

Mud season is dirty in Maine! Get the road grime and dust of spring off your things. Keep your home, business, vehicles and driveways looking their best all year long.

Flat Fee Wash Pros will use the right combination of cleaners or chemicals to Pressure Wash, Power Wash, or Soft Wash your property to get it looking like new again.

Vinyl siding, Wood, Stone and Masonry, Concrete, Asphalt, Paint. Eliminates Spores, Black Mold, Mildew, Fungus and Lichen, Mud, Dirt

Brush Cutting Bush Hogging Caribou Presque Isle

Cut back those overgrown areas on your property's tough terrain. Let us clear out the bushes and start anew.


We will get rid of your thick brush, grass and tress under 3" diameter.

Tree Trimming

Make those ornamental shrubs and trees shine with our precision hedge and shrub trimming.


Turn heads with crisp lines and lush new growth. Just the right amount of cut to take your trees to the next level!

Image by Immo Wegmann

Do away with those nuisance, dangerous and unsightly old tree stumps.

If the tree stump is not removed many will throw new shoots and become unsightly and a pain when you mow the lawn.

Flower Garden Landscaped Beds

Keep your landscaped beds and walkways looking fresh and new with our Weeding & Edging Service.


Relax in the A/C while we take care of the chores. It's hot out there!.

Presque Isle Roof Shoveling

When the snow and ice is piling up on your roof, call Flat Fee to get that snow bank and ice dam buildup off your structure.

We can shovel, chip, chisel and scrape your roof clean of snow and prevent water and weight issues that can damage your home.

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